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Build an amazing and magical dragon city. Breed and train lots of dragons and level them up for battles against other dragons. Join the thrill to become a well known dragon master. Show off the strength and prowess of your dragons with some amazing combat action fun.


Dragon City joins the foot fun and is hosting its very own Summer Cup Party! Enjoy themed events inside the game, including calendars full of rewards to special offers.
Dragon City in a nutshell:
Build a magical world in Dragon City! Gain hundreds of dragons, breed them and make them level up in order to become a Dragon Master!

Train your dragons for battle and show off their strength by engaging in combat with other players!
Enjoy a full experience playing on your Android phone or tablet, as well as on Facebook. Now you can take care of your dragons anytime, anywhere!

- Gain a full collection, there are more than 100 different dragons available!
- New dragons and adventures are waiting for you every week! Don't miss them!
- Build a city with magical buildings that other players will envy!
- Battle online with thousands of players and display your dragons' power!
- Breed and combine 10 types of dragons (Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure) and obtain new and more powerful hybrids!
- Unlimited fun with hundreds of missions!
- Play with your friends, send them gifts and visit their islands!


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Game Introduction

Dragon City is a simulation game for Android devices. Originally launched as a browser game on Facebook in 2012, the game became a hit, which propelled its developers Social Point to make the game for Android in 2013. Dragon City is classified as a simulation game because it lets you build a magical city of dragons by breeding them, feeding them and training them. Once your dragons are ready, you can take them to battle other players’ very own dragon cities. There are over two hundred dragons in the game, and new dragons are successively being added by the developers over time. Dragon City is a free download game.

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  • dpaul1983
    4 yrs ago
    It's an alright game, but it's unfairly biased towards people who put serious cash forward to get ahead. How can someone realistically justify spending literally hundreds of dollars (and more...) on game gems, on tokens, on whatever?
  • Sierra Hansen
    4 yrs ago
    Everytime I go to watch the videos it says "no videos come back later". It's starting to get irritating since I've been playing for almost three years. Because of this problem I'm loosing out on alot of the special island events. Please fix this problem. Everything else is great :)

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