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Get ready to live the exciting life of the lion king! Go on a journey to save your jungle! Make sure you jump and collect things as well! Collect cool powerups and use them to defeat your opponents! What are you waiting for play now!


Get ready to live exciting adventures next to your new friend the little lion. Help him to reach the title of the king of the jungle sorting all kind of obstacles in this endless run game. Collect orbs, fruits, and bananas to increase your energy bar to be able to sprint for a short period of time. Use the Sprints wisely as you may need them for jump higher and cross rock gaps or avoid an avalanche. Meet other animal kingdom friends, they will help you to overcome all kind of obstacles. Your friend will carry you, and you will be able to fly. Use your power-dash to dodge falling rocks and low trees. Enjoy playing this new adventure game on your Android device and help the lion to roar.

Life in the jungle can be hard, you will have to run, jump, swing, dash, and bounce to be able to pass through several scenarios. Explore all the caves and treetops as you might find collectables to unlock, or great power-ups. Ride a Pig or other animals to save your sprint energy bar. Don't let the evil baboon monkey catch you. He will be chasing you and leaving traps for catching you and steal your fruits. Stuck on one level. Cannot find the way to cross an obstacle? Look carefully for alternative routes and you will be back on track.

Play and challenge your friends comparing your high scores, best distances achieved and unlocked extras. Don't let the Kong Baboon steal your Fruits and Orbs. Be ready to enjoy the Endless Adventures of the Little Lion. We have included a very easy to use, user-friendly and responsive interface. The swipe controls can easily be handled because of the single-finger one touch tap system. Our game is suited for everyone, not just for kids. Adults will enjoy playing too. Highly entertaining and addictive, you'll not stop playing and having endless hours of fun. The high-quality coloured graphics will make you feel like the king of the jungle, environmental sounds and great soundtrack for background music are the perfect combinations for giving an extra to your gameplay experience. Join your animal friends and get ready to live thousands of fabulous jumping, running, and flying adventures next to them in your journey up to the cloud to obtain the royal crown.

Become the King of the Jungle and conquer all the Missions in This Highly Dynamic Game.
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    Hmmmm keep it up
  • jayavardhanan balaraman
    4 yrs ago
    Very nice and ausome

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